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Permanency Planning

What is a Permanency Plan?

A Permanency Plan can be developed for any Child in Care so that they may have a stable, permanent home and family, rather than remaining within the care of MCFD or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency.

Permanency Planning may involve an Extended Family Plan, 54.01, 54.1, 41.1.b or adoption.

Who Requests a Permanency Plan?

A Social Worker from MCFD or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency may request SIWS to develop a Permanency Plan for Aboriginal children who require a stable and permanent family placement. Permanency planning is done for children in Continuing Care or for children in temporary placements, when reunification/placement with their immediate family is not possible.

What are the activities and who participates?

The SIWS Family Advocate is a neutral coordinator / facilitator who will:

  • Research the status of the immediate biological family to determine whether their circumstances have changed since the child was brought into care and their ability to play a role in the ongoing care of the child.
  • Contact the child’s community of origin to identify extended family or community members that may be suitable options for permanent placement.
  • Assist family and community members as they prepare to participate in a Permanency Planning process.
  • Facilitate a collaborative planning process involving family, community members, and professionals to develop permanent placement options and develop a Permanency Plan.
  • Support family or community members, identified as a placement option by the Social Worker, to overcome barriers and prepare them for permanent placement.

What are the outcomes ?

Referring Social Workers will receive up to date and documented information regarding:

  • The child’s community of origin and biological family.
  • The family’s ability to resume care for their child.
  • Names and contact information for extended family and other options for Permanency Planning.

Successful Permanency Planning will result in:

  • Fewer children brought into care due to increased use of out of care options.
  • Fewer children remaining in long term care due to permanent placement.
  • Improved outcomes for children that transition to a permanent family/ home.

Have a referral?

If you know an individual or family who you feel could benefit from these services, please give us a call at 778-426-2997, or complete a SIWS referral form and send it back to us via e-mail: or fax: 778-426-2998.

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