Who is a Support Worker?

A Support Worker is an advocate dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate challenging times. At South Island Wellness Society (SIWS), our Support Workers play a vital role in connecting people with essential resources and programs, fostering emotional support, and promoting cultural enrichment.

What are their Objectives?

Support Workers at SIWS coordinate various activities to strengthen community ties, offer support to Elders, and ensure a safe, confidential environment. They provide guidance on traditional practices, help organize meetings, and act as a bridge between families and service providers. By connecting individuals to treatment programs, parenting classes, food access, and mental health support, Support Workers contribute to the holistic well-being of the community.

Would you like a Support Worker?

Have a Referral?

If you know an individual or family who you feel could benefit from these services, please complete a referral form. For any questions, please contact us at:

For youth under the age of 25.

For families currently involved with the Ministry of Child & Family Services.

For general support requests and one-to-one support for adults. For example: addictions, mental health, resource connections etc.