What is a Youth Transition Conference?

A Youth Transition Conference (YTC) is a voluntary, youth driven process, based on the interests and abilities of the young person. Active youth participation is essential to the process. The YTC engages, involves and supports the youth in developing goals and creating a plan for their future.

Integral to the YTC planning is for the youth to develop connections to people who will continue to actively support the young person after he or she transitions out of government care or a youth agreement. The initial focus is to create inter-dependence, rather than independence and encouraging the youth to connect with others in their community.

What are the Objectives?

The objectives of a Youth Transition Conference include:

  • An individualized youth-driven plan before the youth ages out. The plan will identify the youth’s goals and how participants will actively support the youth to reach them.

At the end of the planning process the youth will have:

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of resources and services available in the community.
  • Obtained the skills to prepare them to live interdependently.
  • A strong support network when discharged from care or from a youth agreement.

Would you like to plan a Youth Transition Conference?

Where do Referrals come from?

A Youth Transition Conference may be used, by youth in care or with a youth agreement and are aged 16 to 18, for planning and decision- making prior to discharge from care at age 19.

It is essential for the youth to be able to express his or her views and for the participants, including social workers, to respect the youth’s views and direction.

The Social Worker:

  • Identifies youth and makes referral
  • Supports the youth’s participation in the Youth Transition process
  • Supports the youth to share his or her preferences, interests, skills, goals and needs
  • Identifies any health and safety issues
  • Helps to identify family, extended family and significant others who may participate in the YTC

The SIWS Facilitator:

  • Arranges to meet with the Social Worker to obtain demographic information on the youth significant contacts and family information.

  • The Facilitator then contacts the youth and provides information on the process and determines the youth’s willingness and interest in proceeding with a Conference.

  • If the youth consents the Facilitator starts the planning process.

What is Involved?


In the preplanning the Youth will:

  • Meet with the Facilitator to learn about YTC
  • Makes a decision as to whether or not he or she wishes to participate in a YTC
  • Shares his or her personal preferences, interests, skills, goals and needs from the mapping (with support as needed)
  • Determines who he or she would like to invite to participate in the planning meeting

Roles at the Conference

Have a Referral?

If you know an individual or family who you feel could benefit from these services, please complete a referral form. For any questions, please contact us at:

For youth under the age of 25.

For families currently involved with the Ministry of Child & Family Services.

For general support requests and one-to-one support for adults. For example: addictions, mental health, resource connections etc.